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Where the Hell Have I Been?

Soooo….the last time I posted it was Halloween. Yep…so what’s the deal? Well, honestly in some ways alot has happened and in some ways not enough happened.  Coming into the holiday season I was dealing with some oppressive feelings that really had no outside influence, it was all internal. I was constantly feeling like I wasn’t doing enough, accomplishing enough, finding more hours in the day to fill with more tasks. I felt like I was constantly failing, both in my personal life and my online life.


I don’t know where these feelings were creeping up from, I was accomplishing what I set out to do, albeit slowly, and had formed connections with some awesome lady bloggers and am still enjoying seeing these friendships grow. So after some serious conversations, with myself (yes I’m crazy like that) and with my boyfriend, I decided to take a break and let go of all the pressure I was putting on myself. I was no longer going to choose projects based on photographability (yes I just made up that word- I like it) and instead choose projects I was excited about. Or none at all, if I felt like it. And you know what– I loooovvved it. I felt like I really did myself some good.

But after awhile I began to miss the sharing and the stories and the community of blogging. So I started posting regularly on Instagram. And I thought that would be enough. But no. I like blogging and sharing too much and I’m not going to stop. This time I’m just no going to allow myself to mount pressure upon what was meant to be a creative outlet and a labor of love. Its fun and freeing and that’s how I like it.

Whew! So now that I’ve unloaded all of that on ya’ll, let me catch you up on what I have been doing.  Over the last few months I’ve been exploring different mediums and I found another love: painting! I’ve been enjoying it so much! Let me show you what I’ve been doing:


It’s been amazing! Painting is super fun, almost meditative when you get into the zone, I have so many ideas swirling around my mind I can’t put paintbrush to canvas fast enough! This process is something I want to share with everyone as well.

So, as to what you can expect…. well, as you can see I have a new website! All content has been transferred. Bliss on a Budget is still alive and kickin’, I just wanted a new name to reflect the additions I want to make to the content. Of course there will still be home decor DIY’s and crafts, but I am also wanting to add painting techniques and tutorials. I am  right now working on a painting video series documenting each step!

That’s all for now, I’m glad to catch up with ya’ll and let you know how life’s been here. Talk to you soon!

XOXO- Caroline

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