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Rustic Medallion Tray DIY


Hello darlings! It has been an amazing few days here in my corner of the Pacific Northwest. Spring has sprung, the weather is beautiful, pink and white blossoms are dotting the trees, daffodils and tulips are everywhere. We are finally spending more time outdoors and loving it! Have you ever woke up in the morning with a feeling you just can’t put your finger on? It’s spring break here, and the other morning I woke up to my alarm- which I do no matter what so I can have a quiet hour or so to enjoy my coffee in the silence before the kids wake up and I step into mom mode. I got my coffee and snuggled back into bed with my phone to scroll through the happenings of the world, my side snug against Michael’s back, the sun shining through the window. Soon I heard the kids stirring, but something weird was happening – there was no knocks on my door with a list of requests or questions, there was no bickering over the remote for morning wake up TV, there was no clatter of a mess in the making. I was almost frozen, afraid to break the spell, but was too curious to stay in bed. I slipped down the hallway, turned the corner, and came face-to-face with… two sleepy, smiley faces sitting side-by-side on the couch, sharing a blanket and conversing on the day’s plans. I waited. They looked at me, their smiles turning quizzical. I smiled back and slipped back down the hall, my smile getting wider and wider until it threatened to break my face. Spring was affecting my family! The warmth of the sun, the outdoor activities we had been glorifying and awaiting impatiently could resume, you could feel God’s love in the air, full of promise and acceptance and I found the name for what I was feeling: contented joy. And when I feel it, I can’t help but want to spread it to you, dear readers! May your days be blessed with warmth and love!


Whew! After my long-winded ramblings, on to the project! This is a super simple, inexpensive project that you can completely alter to fit your own decor and it will still be amazing! The pattern I worked up is definitely a little boho-glam, Moroccan-inspired, so feel free to use it if that aesthetic speaks to you!



I started out with a pine wood round from Lowe’s. I opted for the 15 inch round, but they have many options. You can also use this opportunity to check out their knobs and pulls section if you wish, or you can wait until you have decided on a pattern or theme. That’s what I did because I wanted to choose handles that wouldn’t interfere with the motif on top of my wood round. Next I chose my design. Adult coloring books are great for ideas or you can just do an internet search for medallions.


I enlarged my design to fit my round at my local library, often a cheaper option than a print shop. Next I shaded in the back of my design with a pencil, covering the design completely. I centered my medallion on top of the wood round and taped it down. I used the stylus (you could also use a retracted pen or pencil or anything you’d like) and traced around each and every line.


Next, warm up your wood burner and begin in the middle of your design and work your way outwards. This design is fairly straightforward but some can look very complicated. For this reason, I find it easier to pick a “leaf” and go all the way around your design, working on just those “leaves”. Then pick another “leaf” and repeat. Breaking down the pattern into manageable bites makes it easier to deal with without looking so overwhelming.



After you are finished wood burning you have a couple different options. You could add color if you wanted. Colored pencils, watered down acrylics, and of course different wood stains are all great options. I had planned on adding cool pops of color to this project, but when I was finished I really like the contrast of the light wood in the dark burns, so I left it. Instead, I used white acrylic paint around the rim and applied three coats of polycrylic satin, sanding lightly between coats.


Then it was time to add the hardware. I chose these lovely handles from Lowe’s. I thought they played nicely with the motif and they didn’t interfere with any part of the design. But when I got them home, I found the screws were too short. If this happens to you, don’t despair! I took my round and the handles to my local hardware store, and the very helpful man there help me find a screw that was long enough and still fit my handles. They were $0.48 each. No problem.


Then screw those┬ábad boys in and you’re done! I really love this project. It works with so many different design categories. And you can customize it to fit whatever theme you would like. I love using natural elements in my home and this was a great touch. I can’t wait to use this this summer during outdoor dinners on the porch!




As always, have fun! Go nuts! Get messy! Amazing things going to happen when you do! XO Caroline


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