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Little Gems- Weekend Reading

You might have noticed that I took a couple weeks off without really posting much. I was barely active on Instagram, but mostly there was nada. I was dealing with some personal issues, but I also spent sometime reorganizing and thinking about how I want to structure this blog. I have been setting up more content ( nearly daily) and am changing the layout. One of the new things I am going to institute is Little Gems Weekend Reading. During the course of the week, I find many articles, pictures, projects and inspiration that speak to me. Some have to do with decorating your home, DIY projects, and other Bliss on a Budget -related content but some do not. They are articles that for whatever reason I find fascinating. Little gems of the Internet. I have decided that once a week I will compile a list of these articles that I would just like to share with you just because. So, without further ado, here’s the first volume of Little Gems- Weekend Reading!


Do any of you follow the blog A Beautiful Mess? If not, get yourself over there right now! These ladies are amazing! You read their blog and you just want to be their best friend. They are definitely living their lives their own way and following their greatest joy, and you have to admire them for that. They have great projects and great inspiration, and reading their articles is just plain fun. Here’s a great project to make over a traditionally boring piece of furniture, an office chair. Instead turn it into a pink, fluffy Bit of Heaven.                                     Source: A Beautiful Mess


And if pink sure isn’t your cup of tea or your local craft store does not carry many colors of faux fur, here’s another article on how to dye sheepskin any color you would like from Apartment Therapy.                                                   Source: Apartment Therapy


This next article comes to us from Vintage Revivals, and is a great perspective on our obsession with perfection, fueled by social media and the like, our inability to attain it, and why it’s OK.                                           Source: Vintage Revivals


I love all white kitchens! I love subway tile, big Airy expanses of counter space, marble countertops! Everything about it is absolutely beautiful. I love the two-tone look for kitchens 2. Open shelving on top, shades of grey on bottom. But this kitchen  deviated from what is trendy right now and it is absolutely amazing! What a beautuful, unexpected color combo! This has made it to the top of my list for my “some day kitchen”!     Source: Apartment Therapy


And last but not least- Pineapple Coconut Pull-A-Part Bread recipe from the ladies at Classy Cutter. Yum! My mouth waters just from the picture! We are having this for Sunday breakfast!       Source: Classy Clutter

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I for one plan on taking advantage of this blissful weather for some quality time with the outdoors!                                            And remember, go nuts! Have fun! Get messy! Amazing things can happen when you do! XO- Caroline