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Large Feather Wall Art DIY


Today I want to show you how to make a large, textural art piece for your wall on the cheap! I love how a big, statement making piece of art can bring everything together, but purchasing something large usually costs a pretty penny. And when creating something myself, I want more than to squiggle some paint across a blank canvas. I mean, I’m all for abstract art, but I want a little more, you know? So I came up with a way to add texture with a large statement piece for less than $20.00!


Background material- Masonite, plywood, foamboard, or canvas


Paint- I used Valspar’s Misty Meadow and Deco Art Home Decor paint in Glossy White for the frame

Feathers- I used 4 packs of 100 from here

Various paints- watercolor, acrylic paint or inks, markers and alcohol inks all work

Hot Glue Gun


  • Pick your substrate, or background material. You can use canvas, foam-board, plywood, or Masonite. I used Masonite, and since I wanted it to be a large piece of art, I cut a square 3 ft x 3 ft.

  • Paint it in the color of your choice. I used a sample paint pot form Valspar in a beautiful minty color called Meadow Mist.
  • While that is drying, cut your frame. I used 1×2’s (very inexpensive- $.98 per 8 foot section at Lowes) and cut mitered corners with my miter saw. Then I painted the frame pieces glossy white.

  • Next attach your frame pieces to your background substrate. Because the Masonite was so thin, I just used wood glue to attach the frame pieces to the Masonite. If you are using something heavier such as plywood, I would combine wood glue and finishing nails. Clamp the frame down to dry.

  • Spread out the feathers so they are all right side up. I used 4 packs of 100 4-6 inch feathers and I had about a 1/2 pack of leftovers. The best price I found was on Amazon for about $3.00 per pack. And be aware that when they say 4-6 inch feathers that that measurement includes the shaft of the feather, and most will be around 4 inches. But I clipped a lot of the stems off, so it didn’t really matter.

  • Now the fun part! Splatter paint as much as your closet maximalist desires in any or every color that you wish! I used a variety of materials so I could give you some hints on what does what: I watered down both acrylic and watercolor paint and I found that both of these sat on top of the feather for awhile before sinking in, and they spread out in all different directions as the paint was absorbed into the feather fibers rather than sink in with the roundness of the droplet.  I also used paint markers, which worked if you want a lot of control where you place your paint. It sunk in immediately an I stayed right where I put it. Next I tried dripping alcohol inks, which was a lot of fun. The colors sunk into the feather fibers immediately and didn’t spread much, for the most part staying nice and round like the droplets I dripped. (Also, although I did not use them on this project, I used fluid acrylics on another feather project and they performed very well, and I had similar results to the alcohol inks.)  I used a mixture of blues, grays, and purples for this and kept the colors randomly splattered, with no discernible pattern.

  • Now it’s time to attach the feathers to the background. Find the center of the board. You will want to start here.  Begin laying down the feathers in a circular pattern.  I tried a few different adhesives, but found a hot glue gun worked best.  I attached each feather at its base and grew the pattern outward, sliding feathers partially underneath the previously glued layers to expand the pattern outwards.


  • And that’s it! I kept my paint splattered and random, but this could also look very cool with most of the feathers one color and the center most feathers in a kilim or mudcloth pattern, or the feathers striped black and white. The possibilities are endless! You could also add a rhinestone to the center or a vintage brooch. Wouldn’t that be cool? I always love the look of old brooches but I wouldn’t wear them, so I never buy them, but I would love to come up with ideas on how to use them.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a large piece of art for your wall inexpensively. If you enjoyed this project, subscribe so you don’t miss out on the many more to come!

XOXO- Caroline

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