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Easy Rainbow Mirror DIY


Hey ya’ll, today I have a great DIY that I’m really excited about. It hits all those points that makes a project great: its supplies are easily sourced, it doesn’t take any special skills or know-how to complete, its colorful but completely customizable- you can go as crazy or as quiet with the colors as you like- and its completed quickly. Let’s get started! (This post contains affiliate links. To see my full disclosure policy, click here.)


*A note about the supplies: I purchased this 14 inch round mirror at Michael’s- it was less than $10 and I used a 40% off coupon- but another option is thrift stores. For the assorted smaller mirrors, I used 1 pack of 3 inch round mirrors,  1 pack of 1 inch rounds, and 1 pack of assorted rounds that included 1 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1/2 inch rounds. However, do what ever speaks to you. Use mass amounts of tiny mirrors, or all small square mirrors, mix tiles into this party, or use just a few well placed mirrors. And finally, I used alcohol inks because that’s what I had on hand in an array of colors and I liked the old time patinaed look of the ink when its dropped onto the glass, but glass paints are fine and I’d say even acrylics watered down would work since this will be on a wall and not handled or washed much.


So, the first thing I did was break open the packs of small mirrors and played around with their placements until I had a general idea of what I wanted. Then I selected my colors of alcohol inks and began coloring the different mirrors.


Some if them I dripped a few drops onto the mirror then swirled it around with a small piece of sponge, others I sponged the color in for a more molted look, and sometimes I would let the color dry then drop another drop or two on top. I really just went A.D.D. on it, and the whole time I was doing this I kept saying “this is so much fun!!” I really could have easily gone waaayyy overboard, but I reigned myself in eventually. Yea….eventually.


After they were dry (which really didn’t take very long, I came back to them 20 minutes later and they were completely dry) they are ready to be glued on. I started with my biggest mirrors, the 3 inch ones, and worked from there, scattering them in a loose crescent shape and stacking them on top of and next to each other until I was happy with the placement and color spread. Be generous with the glue, but not so much it smooches (real technical here) out the sides. If any glue does get on the big mirror or anywhere you don’t want it try to wipe it off immediately, but if you don’t notice until after it dries its no biggie. This happened to me in a couple of spots and it peeled up pretty easily.

After your mirror is complete, its time to hang it! Mine was fairly lightweight and so I was able to hang it with command strips since mine doesn’t have a frame to screw hanging hardware into.


Now just sit back and admire the colorful goodness you just created. I love using mirrors around the house, especially small spaces, for their ability to bounce light around and fool the eye into expanding the space, and being able to add a pop of color is just icing on the cake!




As always, have fun! Go nuts! Get messy! Amazing things can happen when you do! Xo- Caroline

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