Hi my name is Caroline and welcome to my blog! I’m really excited to be writing this, it’s something I’ve been considering for a long time.  I have been eager to write about and share my ideas and projects for some time. I enjoy creating things for my family, friends, and my home, & I want to show you that you can have the home and decor you have always wanted, on any budget, the DIY Way. And I’m not talking about the  “looks like a five year old with six thumbs on each hand made the super obvious it’s homemade” type of DIY project. neither am I talking about the “its a great deal, you will save thousands, and only have to spend $300 to get that frivolous object made” types of projects. I’m talking the “I’m on an extremely tight budget but still want a beautiful home that I can be proud of” projects. The upcycling, get your thinking caps on, uber creative, never say it can’t be done way that I and my family live by.

And here is where I get to tell you a little about myself. Sheesh. Am I the only one that feels the pressure in the tell me about yourself senarios? Should I be all introspective and spiritual? Blasé and peppy, just hitting the bullet points? Crack a couple jokes to immediately introduce you to my dry and witty sense of humor? (Insert hilarious joke here that makes you chuckle and smile, and intrigues you enough to continue perusing this meet and greet) I think I’ll just go with the straightforward, the real me. Here it goes…gulp.

I am the mother of two amazing boys, and the stepmother to another boy and girl, making me one of the luckiest parents out there. I hit the proverbial jackpot with these munchkins. Every day they amaze and amuse me. I am in a committed relationship to an amazing man, Michael. Though we are not married, we have been together long enough for everyone around us to consider if so, and that will never change. A kind of long-lost-high-school -sweethearts-finding-one-another scenario, but we will save that story for another time. ( inserts sigh or gag here, depending on your nature.) We are raising our children and having our adventures in the green, and rainy,  state of Washington, about an hour north of Seattle.

I am many things: I am a mother, a lover, a daughter, a sister. an adventurer, a writer (of sorts), a crafter (always), a chef, a chauffeur, a sounding board, a shoulder to lean on, and a child of God. I am also an addict.

Now, hold on. I’m sure some people will want to turn away, or zip to the bottom to comment about my own fitness to be a parent or some such nonsense, but let me explain. I have been in recovery and sober for about 14 months. I struggled with addiction for approximately 3 years before that. Until that point, I had been a normal, healthy 30 year old, living my life and raising my children. I actually thought that I had escaped the risk of that type of lifestyle. I had a wonderful childhood with two great parents. I had no trauma in my life, I had made it through my late teens and twenties without even a hint of it. I’ll spare you the boring details, but suffice to say that addiction can sneak up on you any time, and going through it really opened my eyes, and broke through a lot of my own personal prejudices of what I thought an addict was. I was still a mom. My kids were well taken care of. I got up with them every morning to get them to school, did homework with them every night, participated in all school activities,. I fed them, bathed them, kissed their boo boos, and shared jokes with them. But still, I look back on that time with guilt weighing heavy in my heart, knowing that I could have done better, could have tried harder, could have been more present mentally, more in the moment, then I was when my addiction was clouding my thoughts.

And then, tragedy struck. On March 22nd, 2014 there was a massive mudslide in Oso, which is about 20 minutes from my home. 43 people lost their lives. My father was one of them. He was a small business owner, a plumber, and was down there on the job that Saturday morning. He had originally scheduled that work for Monday, but the woman who lives there had just bought the house and Dad didn’t want her to be without water all weekend. It completely rocked my family to the core. My childhood memories are filled with games he invented and adventures he took us on. After 35 years, my parents still held hands on walks and patted each other’s bottoms teasingly. Almost two years later we still feel the loss everyday. Yet even with his death, my dad imparted on me his wisdom. I saw that we can’t put off living our lives, we can’t wait for things to get better, we can’t wait for the perfect time. Because we never know which day will be our last. That’s when I cleaned up my act, got into recovery, and got sober.

Some months into my recovery, I began to look around my home, unhappy with the look and vibe. Everything was serviceable, functional, and boring. Sure,  I had a few cute items, but no cohesive style that showed off my personality. Maybe it has to do with completely breaking away with my old life. I was starting anew, and I wanted our home to reflect that. Moving wasn’t in the cards, but the attitude, atmosphere, vibe could change. And so I began, slowly gathering and purging, researching how to make what I couldn’t afford.

And that’s where this blog comes in. I started writing this to share my story, document the changes we make, and share my projects with you. I want to make a community to share ideas and triumphs with one another, a place to figure out the unknown without fear of judgment regarding your current station, situation, income bracket, etc. Sharing my story is a nerve-racking ordeal, but I hope it makes you comfortable enough to share yours. Welcome to what I hope will be an amazing adventure!

Wait…was that corny? I know it was. Can I get another take?…hello….damn.

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