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9 Mirror DIYs



Cheveron Floor Mirror


I love this project because this blogger thought outside the box for framing this floor standing mirror, beefing it up and adding bright, happy color at the same time. And she used inexpensive, easy to find materials, making this a project anyone can do.                                           Source: Child At Heart

Gem Mirror DIY


I have always admired gem cut mirrors, but I’ve never loved the price. And honestly, I really didn’t think this mirror was DIY-able. Well, leave it to the ladies at A Beautiful Mess to take on the challenge. This project has detailed, clear instructions and some great tips for cutting glass. This project is on my list to tackle!                                                             Source: A Beautiful Mess


DIY Nautical Rope Mirror


I love rope decor! It looks great in a coastal theme, cottage, farmhouse, bohemian… the list goes on and on. And this Ballard Design knock off hits the mark as a look alike of the original and you can’t beat the price!                         Source: Artsy Chicks Rule

Hollywood Style Mirror DIY- with Lights!

Final Mirror

As a child, did you ever fantasize about sitting at some ornate gilt vanity, putting on grown-up makeup by the light of your Hollywood style mirror, just like the movie stars must? I sure did! And this project can bring that child-size daydream to your grown-up reality! Source: My Cherry Style

DIY Beaded Sunburst Mirror


Sunburst mirrors are everywhere, but this one definitely stands out. Scrapbook paper, strands of beads and a ceiling medallion come together to make a one-of-a-kind Sunburst Mirror full of glimmer, shimmer, and sparkle – 3 of my favorite things!                                 Source: Setting for Four

Full Length Mirror with Storage


Sometimes the mirror above the bathroom sink just isn’t going to cut it, and everyone could use more storage in the bathroom. The creative sisters of Shanty 2 Chic combines two solutions in one great project!                                      Source: Shanty 2 Chic

String Art Mirror DIY


String art is making a huge comeback and this project uses the trend to add geometric interest to a basic mirror. Love it!                                                     Source: Country Living

Ballard Design Knockoff DIY


This blogger came up with an original wat to add interest to your basic, inexpensive mirrors- puff paint! Get the deets at Thrifty & Chic.                            Source: Thrifty & Chic


Moroccan Inspired Tiled Mirror DIY


As you might have guessed, Bohemian decor is my jam. Anything Moroccan inspired speaks to me. And this project is a simple way to add some boho-chic flair to any room!                                  Source: P.S. I Made This


As always, have fun! Go nuts! Get messy! Amazing things can happen when you do! XO-Caroline


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