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15 Boho-Glam DIYs


I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to choose one style to stick to when decorating my home. I can’t help it, I love it all! Each design aesthetic has elements that speak to me. Mid-century, Farmhouse rustic, industrial, the glamour of Hollywood Regency, I think it all is beautiful!  If I had to choose a way to describe all that I love, I guess it would be Bohemian Glamorous. The Bohemian can take pieces and parts of every design style and combine them into something uniquely yours. And here’s a list of great DIYs to help you do that. Each of these projects can be customized with elements that speak to you. Hope you enjoy!


Doily Dreamcatcher



This is pretty self-explanatory as to why this DIY made the list. I mean, just look at it… gorgeous. It is definitely Boho- Glam, but it could work in so many other spaces. You could keep it neutral and the focus would keep on the amazing texture and intricate patterns of the doilies and lace. Or I could see adding little pops of color by dip dying the middle of the doilies or the edges of the lace. The possibilities are endless for this DIY.        Source: The Whoot




Watercolor Mirror

watercolor mirrors

This project is great for adding an unexpected pop of color. The watercolors are on trend and if you tend to shy away from color or have a neutral palette, this project is a great way to layer and some color without being super loud, in your face about it. A great stepping stone. And for those of us who love color, more is more, right?!? Alcohol inks would also work for adding color.                                     Source: Ardor Blog


PVC Bed Canopy


I love love love bed canopies! Every which way possible, sprinkled with fairy lights or floating sheer panels surrounding a sparkly chandelier, bed canopies can transform the blah-est bedroom into a romantic, secluded love nest. I have so many bed canopy projects pinned, it was hard to choose just one! But I love this project by Sawdust 2 Stitches for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s absolutely enchanting! The change this one project made to the bedroom is amazing. And secondly, she uses common, inexpensive materials (PVC pipe and spray paint!) that are also lightweight  (an important consideration when contemplating hanging a structure above your sleeping head), making this a project that anyone can do! Love it!      Source: Sawdust 2 Stitches


Woven Leather Stool


This next project is just super cool. I love that they took a well-known material and used it in an unexpected and exciting way. It’s a great way to add some cognac leather without paying out the big bucks needed for store-bought leather furniture. And while this stool is a gorgeous mid-century modern piece, if that’s not to your taste it’s easy to change the look completely just by switching out the legs. Chippy wooden turned legs for rustic farmhouse look, lucite to go with modern decor, golden hairpin legs for a glam look, whatever makes your heart pitter-patter!             Source: Sugar & Cloth


Wood Branch Shelves


This DIY from Better Homes & Gardens is simple and stylish at the same time. Bohemian enthusiasts love using natural materials in our homes, and this is a great Twist on adding plant life to your decor, (another favorite that spans design categories). Use fallen branches from trees native to your area, and this set of shelves can be had for very little expense!                                                      Source: Better Homes & Garden


Yarn Tassel Bedskirt


Ah, tassels. Boho-fabulous, on trend and can be made with the myriad of materials for your viewing pleasure. Attaching tassels to your bed skirt adds a great layer of texture and you can customize them to match your existing decor, then detach them and switch them out whenever you feel like a change. Tatertots & Jello has a great tutorial with simple to follow instructions for your next bedroom project.                                  Source: Tatertots and Jello


Mini Macrame Wall Hanging


Macrame is synonymous with Bohemian decor nowadays. It is one of those funky 70’s ideas that was yanked into present-day and modernized with bright colors and simple lines. A welcome addition to any Bohemian- Glam home and this website has a great project for beginners.                                              Source: Parlor Diary


Bandana tablecloth


I couldn’t help but add this project by Martha Stewart to our list. Bandanas are inexpensive and come in a dizzying array of colors, making this project easily customizable. The beautiful paisley print of the humble bandana would make a beautiful flowy tablecloth for summer.  Source: Martha Stewart


Pallet coffee table


I can totally see this chippy coffee table taking center stage in a Bohemian home, with its colourful chippy paint and reclaimed wood giving a worn-in, well-loved vibe. But don’t be fooled, this table could work with many other aesthetics. And remember, if you don’t have access to pallets or reclaimed wood, you can get the same look by purchasing inexpensive unfinished wood and applying a number of different stains to mimic the upcycled wood look.               Source: DIY & Crafts


Bar table


It seems like everyone has a beautifully appointed bar cart in their homes nowadays, but in a home where square footage is at a premium, sometimes it’s just not an option. And while I really do like them, the Gypsy maximalist in me loves the idea of upcycling a vintage suitcase into a bar. And this project isn’t also just for Bohemian, it would look great as a bar in a cottage or coastal home, you could add metal hardware to a suitcase for an industrial look, really the sky’s the limit. This project is also great for apartments or small spaces and for those starting to furnish your very first place of your own.                                    Source: The Desi Wonder Woman


Hanging Ombre Planters


Plants span design categories, and for good reason. They breathe life into our room, literally and figuratively. They add color and texture, they can purify your air, honestly I could write pages and pages on why you should at plant life to your home. So it’s not why you should have them, it’s where to put them all! With For the Maker’s project  it’s macrame to the rescue again but also adds extra bursts of color with the ombre paint technique. Just imagine a cluster of these beauties in front of your kitchen window!                                                        Source: For The Makers



Leather and Wood Plant Trellis Wall



And just because the Bohemian in me can never have too many plants, I had to add this project from Vintage Revivals. It’s like a gallery wall devoted to greenery! I love this project because it utilizes vertical space, which is great for apartments and small spaces, and the combination of leather and wood is divine. And just think of how much fun you’ll have filling up all those planters! Another trip to the plant store? Yes, please!                                                    Source: Vintage Revivals


Denim Patch Pillow


I don’t know about you, but I adore embroidery patches. Those beautiful, colorful designs speak directly to my acquisitive, color-maximalist soul. Problem is, you can only add so many of those patches to your wardrobe before you begin to look like a throwback to my small town high school days of the 90s. But the wonderful people at Design Lovefest have found the answer to your reluctance to leave these patches hanging on the racks at the craft store… Add them to your home decor! And this denim pillow is the perfect place to show off your patch horde collection.          Source: Design Lovefest


Tie-dye Sheets


Would any Bohemian home decor list be complete without a tie-dye project? I didn’t think so. Tie-dying your sheets is a fun and playful way to add a surprise pop of color and a great way to inexpensively add some pattern to more affordable sheet sets. I myself plan on picking up some tangerine and denim colored dye after seeing this project by Home-Dzine.                                              Source: Home-DZine


Moroccan pouf


The Moroccan Pouf. Everyone wants one, every perfectly style Pinterest pin seems to have one, but who loves the price? After researching DIY poufs, I was left underwhelmed. Many of them looked like a cheap knockoff version of what I really wanted. Then I found this tutorial and the heavens opened up, the Bohemian gods smile down upon me, my heart swelled, my eyes watered… Okay not really.( I have quite a flair for the dramatic don’t I?) Really, this project is gold for those who are dying for Moroccan pouf but balk at the price.       Source: You Are My Happy


And that’s my list of DIYs for a Boho-Glam home. What’s great about each of these projects is that you can customize them to match existing decor or go wild and try something you never have before. I hope you enjoyed it! Remember go nuts! Have fun! Get messy! Amazing things can happen when you do!   XO-Caroline


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